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stretch the fun on social

Creative direction - Dina Sami

Illustration - Dina Sami

Art direction - Stephanie Bassil

Animation - Stephanie Bassil

Gold Smarties MENA Award - Mobile Social

Gold Smarties MENA Award - Mobile Native

Gold Smarties MENA Award - Mobile Video

Bronze Smarties MENA Award - Product Launch

Chupa Chups Sour Belts were launching in the region to teens and as we know the youth today have so many platforms and brands fighting for their attention, but rarely encounter any that actually speak their language on social. We needed to spread brand awareness through a content platform that specifically engages with teens from ages 14 and up. Since Chupa Chups Sour Belts already come in such a fun shape, we created a social space with a similar personality and inspired teens to “Stretch the Fun” through playful, engaging content pieces.


To bring the idea to life within the right context, we teamed up with Instagram and Snapchat. We knew that everyone would imagine their own way of stretching the fun and thatʼs why we created an exclusive Chupa Chups Giphy pack with several choices for them to design their own content and share with their friends. Each content piece was designed with a precise objective in mind. Everything from design, storytelling and the look and feel was created specifically to attract the right audience.


As a result the campaign interaction became a seamless process and allowed teens to instantly interact and share a unique side of the teen life.

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